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Visual Arts & Media

The SCS Art program  will allow students to enhance their understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design with continued in-depth analysis and experimentation using various mediums. Two-dimensional, as well as three-dimensional projects enhance and challenge the students as they build upon skills and knowledge from previous years and experience.
Art Director: Mr. Polinsky has been teaching Visual Arts at Steinbach Christian since 2007. He began his education in animation and design at the Saskatchewan Centre for Emerging Technologies in 2001 and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 2005 and Bachelor of Education in 2007. He continues to challenge himself in the creative field and has since won the Manitoba Writers Guild Manuela Dias Book Design and Illustration Award for his work with fellow teacher and author, Jonathan Toews. With over sixteen years of teaching middle school and high school students, Mr. Polinsky continues to find joy in exploring the vast number of art mediums that allow different opportunities for his students to express themselves and find awe in the world around them.


Digital Film Making
Digital Pictures  
Digital Dark Room
3D Modeling
Desktop Publishing