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Student Login

SCS Students in Grade 5 through Grade 12 have access to several online resources from home. We have centralized all these resources through the secure digital platform, making it possible for students to access all their online digital learning resources:
  • Schoology (classroom materials and assignments)
  • OneDrive (school files/documents)
  • Britannica School (research articles)
  • SCS Library
  • Specific classroom websites (e.g.

To access these resources click the following link:
At the Steinbach Christian School login page, click the "Log in with your SCS Microsoft Account" button.
If you are not currently authenticated with your SCS Microsoft Account, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your username in the format [username]
After you have successfully authenticated on the Microsoft login page. You should arrive at the portal page. Click the icon for the digital resource you wish to access.

Setting up separate children accounts at home

We recommend that each student either create a separate browser profile or separate Computer Account.

Recommended: here are some links on setting up parental controls (with separate computer accounts per family member):

Alternative: here are some links on how to set up separate browser profiles (with single shared family computer account):