Campus Tour - June 24 @ 10am




“I like the Steinbach Christian School because they encourage you to do your work and try to help you achieve good grades. You make friends so quickly and know almost everyone in the school. They help you along and encourage you to do better.”  - Colton

“At SCS you can learn, worship and have good friendships every day. You can be on different committees and be very involved in the school. The biggest thing of all is not what this school does during school hours, it’s about how it effects my behaviour outside. SCS has taught me so much.” - Teah

“I appreciate that we receive a high quality education. We are taught to be ready for University instead of being surprised by the load. SCS‘s teachers love Jesus and care about each individual student.” - Trevyna

“I think the one thing that really stands out to me is the atmosphere. You get a community that welcomes you for who you are no matter where you go in the building. SCS gives even the most challenged student an opportunity to excel.” - Anonymous

“I appreciate the way our school isn’t cliquey. How everyone knows everyone and everyone cares about each other. When I walk through the halls it’s not awkward looking everyone in the eyes and wishing them a good morning. I appreciate having teachers who openly talk about their faith. This is very encouraging and their wisdom impacts the students more than they know.” - Taylor

“I like SCS because there are no strangers; you know everyone. The teachers pray for you and really care about you.” - Madi
“Thank-you for your high standards - our children attend because they feel faith is modeled with integrity.”

“SCS is a safe place for my children to go. Personal connections between teacher & students, high standards and more opportunities for students.”

“Having so many churches represented at SCS is a wonderful example of the body of Christ.”

“I am very happy to support SCS because I feel it is a fantastic option for students to learn academically and spiritually at the same time.”

“Like the environment and Christian influence. Excellent teachers & staff.”