Campus Tour - May 22

SCS Pathways

SCS seeks to develop the whole student; intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally. We are academic excellence, we are faith development and we are community.

We believe God has a purpose for each individual student, and every student has a responsibility to develop their gifts to meet that purpose. Our teachers are committed to preparing students to become men and women ready and willing to face challenges.

We provide opportunity to grow through rigorous academics, Biblical literacy, athletic competition, musical performance, and career specific skill development in a caring environment.

We will provide the best opportunity for families who understand an elite education is grounded in a purpose greater than self. Careers are important, but fulfillment is found in our faith and our families.

Pathways was designed to give all students the opportunity to explore multiple areas of study prior to post-secondary education or direct-to-job experience, without the need to commit to one specific area.
We encourage you to look over the following Pathways to prior to course selection. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

Visual & Performing Arts
SCS’s Visual & Performing Arts Pathway allows students to explore a variety of creative courses including Choir, Band, Art, 3D Modelling, Graphic Design, Photography, and Videography! 
The Visual & Performing Arts Pathway develops skills transferrable to a wide variety of careers and ministry opportunities. 
Business Development
SCS’s Business Development Pathway helps students to identify core business concepts and what is required to experience success. 
Financial management, Marketing and Leadership will be taught. Local business owners will provide insight to banking, real estate and retail sales. To complete this Pathway students are required to complete two Employment Credits. 
Medical & Engineering
SCS’s Medical & Engineering Pathway prepares students for future study in two of the most competitive post-secondary fields. Students will complete prerequisites for direct entrance to university programs. 
The Medical & Engineering Pathway will introduce students to industry leaders who can share their experience. 
English & Humanities
SCS’s English & Humanities Pathway prepares students to refine and communicate ideas through a classical education approach. Students are trained to be careful thinkers as they learn and respond to history and literature. 
The English & Humanities Pathway also reinforces standard reading & writing techniques.