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Mission Grandkids

Students at SCS

RECEIVE an education that places a greater emphasis on timeless basics such as reading, writing and math. Our students consistently outperform the provincial average.
LEARN in an environment where the God of the Bible is recognized in all subjects and activities. Our students are prepared to live a life anchored in a Christian worldview.
GROW in an environment that is positive, caring and safe. Our students are a part of a community where they can grow in character and confidence.
Your Investment:
Tuition ranges from $2,500 to $5,420 per student.
Maximum family tuition is $14,470 per year.
Approximately 40% of tuition paid is receipted as a charitable donation.

Please visit our Financial Information page for more details.

See What Grandparents Are Saying...

Menno & Donalda Lepp
It’s been wonderful to watch our grandkids learn at SCS, a place they’ve learned to love. We appreciate the encouragement of character building.
Berny & Marleen Hiebert
One goal at SCS is to address the vital need for spiritual development in children. Alongside the work of parents and churches, SCS is well positioned and intentioned to meet this most important aspect of our grandchildren's development.
Len & Tilly Neufeld
SCS has a good conflict resolution system. The teachers listen to the parents and are willing to work with them and their children in whatever conflicts there may be. They recognize the problem and work towards healing instead of applying band-aids.
Roger & Eleanor Gingerich
We deeply desire to see our grandchildren equipped for life with an excellent education and a life founded on a Christian Worldview. We believe SCS accomplishes these in their curriculum and through caring, excellent teachers. Our grandchildren are being empowered and equipped for the future.